ESP32CAM Cases by Escalpelo Design

This proyect has as purpose design a series of ESP32CAM cases. My motivation is that I did not find any aesthetic case.

This project is backed in my github: 

hugoescalpelo/ESP32CAM-cases-Escalpelo-Design: This repository contains the files and documentation about ESP32CAM cases by Escalpelo Design (

Also, you can find the thing for 3D printing on Thingiverse: 

ESP32CAM Case – Flat by hugoescalpelo – Thingiverse


I want to design the following cases

  • Flat Case. A case without support or mounting parts. This is meant to be stick with double sided tape.
  • Tilt Case. This case has a mechanism to adjust the tilt of the camera. It will have an 1/4″ insert for mounting (pending).
  • Vertical Case. This is also a flat case and will be mounted with double sided tape in my door (pending).

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