Muses of AI

Muses of AI is a series of devices that shows you an endless stream of AI generated texts, AI generated pictures, AI generated sounds and AI curated content.

It’s purpose is to question the originality, creativity and inspiration. As the muses show you its content, changes permanetly your cultural references and potentially become the seed of new ideas.


You can experience Muses of AI in many ways:

  • Web Browser: You can watch the live feed from anywher you have internet connection and a compatible web browser.
  • Widget: You can install a widget for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. So you can side watch the muses all the time.
  • Gotchis: This are robotic devices with screens that walk around your desktop and crave for attention.


This is a work in progress. It was formulated on february 25 of 2023.

Visit the repository at Github: hugoescalpelo/muses-of-ai

On the first day I asked MidJourney to generate the concept of Muses of AI and generated this

I loved the idea of cats in eggs since tamagotchi is a main concept of the research and I love cats so I asked for variations of that one. The result is following.

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